QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 – Boom or Bust?

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Many people are very wary of upgrading to version 2013 after all the problems with version 10 when it was released.  I was involved in beta testing both versions prior to release and it’s no secret that version 10 was a total disaster at the time it was released.  Most of the problems have been fixed in the 12 updates Intuit has put out for that program since its release.  I don’t see that in version 2013 (v11).  Version 2013 seems to be an extremely stable program.  Intuit went back to a navigation screen format that is more like version 9 and earlier versions but dressed up and with a more modern look and feel to it.  In fact, to quote one of my co-workers, this is what version 10 should have been.  Intuit carried forward some of the same screens from version 10 but so far I haven’t seen any actual problems with the program. 

There are new Welcome screens and guides with videos to help you get started if you’re new to QuickBooks Point of Sale.  The Navigation screen is more like version 9 and earlier but modernized and enhanced.  The Messages screen can now be hidden to give more area for the Navigator screen.  The Task Panel (blue buttons on the left) have greater customization options now.  Multi-Store has been broken out to a separate SKU again and is no longer a part of the Pro level of the program, just like it was with version 9 and earlier.  The biggest change though is the ability to now sell your items from your compatible smart phone and sync to your Point of Sale program to update sales and inventory information.  Of course this ability requires the use of a Go Payment account for processing credit/debit cards via your smart phone.

For some of the more seasoned users of QuickBooks Point of Sale there may be a bit of a learning curve because there are some processes that have changed but those changes are few and easy to learn.

All in all I give this program a big thumbs up over version 10.  If you are considering upgrading but not sure after all the problems version 10 had, I would say go for it!  This version is far better than version 10.