QuickBooks Enterprise 2012- Updating an existing report sent to Excel!

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There have been many changes made to the 2012 version of QuickBooks Enterprise. One of my favorites is the new capability to update reports sent to Excel.


In the past, we would send a report to Excel, add formulas, change fonts, and customize the report to fit our needs. The problem was that, once we created the report, we would have to recreate it the next time we needed to send data from Enterprise to Excel.

That has changed!

In version 2012, you can now send the data to Excel, but you have an option to Update an Existing Spreadsheet.

This will send the data, but keep changes you have customized the spreadsheet with.

When you run your report, and click the Excel button, a new option is available to Update Existing Worksheet.

This will bring a new window.




You will notice a How it Works link.

This will bring an information window that advises what is kept.


As we can see, the vast majority of changes that we commonly make to our reports in Excel, will not be affected, only the data will be updated.

This is an excellent way to cut down the customization we used to have to make, and a terrific time saver.