QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 goes Mobile!

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It has been asked about for a long time, and Intuit has responded. The new QuickBooks Point of Sale (V11) 2013 has a feature that none of the previous versions had.

For those users that do Trade Shows or Sidewalk Sales, there is a mobile capability in the program. Here’s how it works.

First, you sign up for the Point of Sale Merchant Account Service. In POS 2013, there is a new Merchant Account, which includes a GoPayment account.

Inside the POS, there is a check box on the items that says Mobile. Placing a check there will tell the program to allow that item for sale through GoPayment. This will sync up to your device ( there is a complete list of devices on Gopayment.com) and you can sell the items, and process the credit card payment through your I-phone, I pad, or Android device.


The payments are posted to POS, and the item quantity sold is deducted.

This replaces the old system of having to have another computer and setting up a remote store to handle outside sales.

This, with the other new features and functionality, make the QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 worth looking at.

While I will not go into all of the new features in this posting, I think this is one feature that can help many users in their daily operations.

As always, keep checking back with our blog, since we will be covering other features in future articles.

Until next time….Go mobile!