QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 has been released!

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QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 has been released!

Today, Intuit has released the new version of QB POS.  Labeled QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013, this much anticipated version has been anticipated for some time.

The product cycle for this version was longer than normal, and after working with it a little while, I can understand why. There are many changes and enhancements that have gone into this version, and the evidence of the changes indicates a strong effort from the engineers to add capabilities and features that were needed to increase the ease of use, and make productivity better.

The first change we see is to the icons on the navigator. The color contrast has been improved, they are more easily recognized, and many have an interactive functionality, showing a number in a red circle to indicate important information, such as the number of held vouchers, or sales orders waiting to be filled.

Some of the icons have changed, to include a desktop icon that allows you to access the program preferences.

Intuit has redesigned, and gone back to three levels of the program. Basic, Pro, and Pro-Multistore. In the multistore version, they have included options in the Store Exchange Center to make it easier to prepare and send the item pictures to your remote stores.

One thing that has been a bone of contention in the past was giving store credits to customers, and the Sales Associates having the capability of charging more than the credit the customer was due. In this version, the standard Security Setting prevents this! If the Associate tries to enter a balance higher than the credit available, the program prevents it. (There is one thing you must bear in mind, when you give the store credit. make sure the Credit Limit is left at 0.00.)

Intuit has merged functionality with the Merchant Service and the GoPayment Mobile Payment system.

You can mark items in your items list for Mobile. These will synchronize to your mobile device through GoPayment, allowing you to sell the items and take payments through your mobile device that post back to the Point of Sale. Do I hear Sidewalk Sale?

The desktop Icon for the New POS has also been changed, making it possible to easliy pick it out from previous versions.

On the Navigator, do the Messages get in your way and use space on the desktop? You can minimize them to get them off your screen!

Your I Want To buttons have a different color scheme and stand out readily.

I like the changes that have been made, and I anticipate more being added in the future.