How do I transfer a group of items in POS v10.

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Creating a transfer slip for a group of items can be a tedious process in QuickBooks Point of Sale V 10, unless you know a short-cut.


First, don’t use the menu to select New Transfer Slip. Instead, go to Reports.

Run an Items List report. Once it opens, Double Click the first item.

This will bring up a detail view of the item. Now, at the top of the detail view will be a button that says View List



This option will bring up the inventory list in the format that was used by earlier versions of POS.

Click on the first item you want to transfer, and use Shift to highlight a group, or the CTRL key to select individual items.

Once they are selected (highlighted in Blue), right click one, and select the option for Transfer Selected Item(s).

This will bring all of the selected items to the transfer slip at once.