QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, Pro and Premier 2012, Release 5

Subscription Feature (Available in Premier Plus, Pro Plus and QuickBooks Accountant with PAP Expand and collapse reports)

  • Expand or collapse line items or sections of summary reports – Inventory and Detail reports are excluded.
  • Easily see high-level only or detailed level on the reports
  • The data seen on screen will be printed or sent to Excel.

1099 Forms

  • Important: The account mapping, 1099 thresholds and vendor address information have been improved in the 1099 Wizard. It is recommended that you install Release 5 before completing your 1099 forms.

Accountant Specific

  • The ‘Sales Tax’ preference will be retained after upgrading a QBA file.
  • The Support option in the Help menu will now open ProAdvisor Support when accessed from the Accountant Edition of QuickBooks.
  • A long dash will no longer cause an error when Sending Accountants Copy Changes back to the client.
  • Memorized Report Groups with & in label will now show in the Accountant Center.
  • The data displayed on the Accountant Center is now more dependent on the permissions of the logged in user.

Advanced Inventory (Available in Enterprise Solutions Only)

  • Serial or Lot Number reports will no longer include items without serial/lot numbers or negative serial/lot numbers.
  • The default report for Inventory Stock Status by Site report will no longer include Drop Ship as a site. You will have the ability to add this to the report if you want to see it.
  • Lot Numbers Quick View window will no longer display the Serial Number view when you quick zoom on a lot number field.
  • The Select All button is now enabled in Add Multiple Serial Numbers window when search results are returned.
  • 0.00 no longer appears in the Count Adjustment field when selecting a blank line item for a Lot Number adjustment.
  • Filtering the Inventory worksheet will no longer change what is displayed when the Item List and Inventory Center is opened.
  • Transfer Inventory form will now include a description column.
  • Assembly item descriptions will no longer display in any of the stock reports when no items are listed.
  • When transferring inventory to different sites, the Purchase Description will appear in the Description field if an inventory item does not have a sales description.
  • Lot Numbers count will now be displayed when running a quick zoom in the Lot Numbers In Stock and Lot Numbers in Stock by Site reports.
  • Serial and Lot Number fields will now save when 40 characters (max) are used in the fields.
  • You will no longer see an extra number in the qty field when entering 9,999,999,999.99999 for a specific lot.
  • You will no longer see the message, Sorry, you cannot select/use this message now, when emailing transactions with serial numbers.

Application Integration

  • QuickBooks will now display the message Sending Email Through Thunderbird when you are using Thunderbird to send QB email.
  • Loan manager and Cash Flow Projector now work when IE 9.0 is installed.


  • Enterprise Only – There is a new permission for Calendar payroll access. By default this is set to full access for all default users. You can use this permission to restrict user accounts from seeing payroll transactions on the QuickBooks Calendar.
  • The extra row at the bottom of the calendar has been removed.
  • The message you need Time Tracking permission to perform this action should no longer display when you open the QuickBooks calendar as a limited (No time tracking access) user.

Document Management

  • Converting an item receipt to a bill will no longer cause the attachment column to disappear.

Email Sales Forms and Statements

  • QuickBooks will no longer display the message Could not print to printer when emailing large batches of statements.
  • Double clicking an item in the send forms list will no longer immediately email the item and any others selected.

Enhanced Inventory Receiving (Available in Enterprise Solutions Only)

  • QuickBooks will no longer display the message Payroll already in use when attempting to open the ‘Edit Payment Due Dates/Methods’ screen.
  • Select POs & Item Receipts on the Items tab of a bill has been renamed to Select Related Transactions and displayed correctly.
  • You will no longer receive an Unexpected Error C=47 when saving changes to a purchase order linked to an unsaved item receipt.
  • With Enhanced Inventory Receiving turned on, you will now be able to manually close a purchase order and have it linked to an item receipt during the receiving process.
  • When receiving against a purchase order, you will now be able to manually close the purchase order and have it linked to a bill.
  • Closed or Received in Full Purchase Orders will no longer appear in the list of Select Related Transactions list when they have a subtotal line, group item, description only line, or blank line.
  • The message, Sorry, you cannot change this item receipt now. Single-user-only interactive feature is currently doing a task that uses the data in this transaction, will no longer appear when converting an item receipt to a bill.
  • You can now bill for a Purchase Order after you’ve already entered the item receipt.
  • The Enhanced Inventory Receiving convert messaging has been updated to be more clear.

Excel (Send reports to Excel)

  • The values for the Sales by Item Summary and Average Days to Pay reports are now correct when sent to Excel.
  • Excel no longer shows the opposite sign values in the %Change column for comparison reports that are sent to Excel.
  • The Profit and Loss by Job report no longer has additional rows added when sending an update to an existing/saved copy of the report in Excel.
  • The message: Excel update failed will no longer display when sending an update to existing/saved sheet that has a space in the name.
  • You will now be able to update the Excel workbook even when new formulas and columns have been added or changed since the report was originally exported.

File Operations

  • The serial/lot # now work correctly (including in search results) after the file has been condensed with serial or lot # tracking enabled.
  • The QuickBooks company file conversion tool will now work on Windows 7 and Windows Vista computers.
  • The Condense data feature now removes timesheets when the all transactions option is selected.
  • To Do dates are no longer changed by one day when the file is updated from a previous version of QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks will no longer open the wrong company file if you sort the list of files in the No company file open screen.
  • Verify and rebuild now have improved capabilities when working with online payees.
  • The help topics for converting from Peachtree to QuickBooks have been updated.
  • You will not see any issues with ‘Verify data’ when you have a QuickBooks 2012 R5/R4/R3 company file open in R1. Verify data will report No problems have been detected…
  • The Edit list link in the No Company Open window will be available to all editions of QuickBooks.


  • Several Help topics have been updated.
  • Thunderbird Email Client Support help content is now available.
  • You will now see the QuickBooks Enterprise icon when viewing the video in Express Start if you have QuickBooks Enterprise.
  • The display and infrastructure of help articles has been improved.
  • Printing Troubleshooting help articles will no longer show CDATA.


  • .NET 4.0 installation messaging that may be displayed during the QuickBooks install has been improved.
  • Changing to a different edition of Premier or running a repair should no longer display the error 1334: The file QBW32EnterpriseAccountant.exe cannot be installed.

Inventory (Available in Enterprise Solutions Only)

  • Print Item Information on the Inventory Center will now print site-specific data.
  • Disabling the old Cost Changed alert will no longer cause the new Cost changed alert to not show.
  • QuickBooks will now allow non-inventory items to have a negative cost or price.

Lead Center

  • The email address for a lead now appears in the email field and not the CC field when the lead is converted to a customer.
  • Information deleted from a lead will no longer appear for other users.


  • Price levels no longer round to 2 decimal places when No Rounding is selected.
  • Some strange display issues have been removed from the Item list.


  • Resolved an issue where Sick & Vacation balances do not update when editing a pending paycheck.
  • When you turn on the phone number to print on paystubs it will no longer print in the return address section.
  • You can now turn on payroll from the QuickBooks Home screen.
  • QuickBooks will no longer display the message Payroll already in use when attempting to open the ‘Edit Payment Due Dates/Methods’ screen or Payroll Setup.


  • You will now see the QuickBooks Enterprise icon when viewing the video in Express Start if you have QuickBooks Enterprise.
  • QuickBooks will now prompt you to install the XPS document writer when you open QuickBooks if you have Windows XP and it is not installed. If you do not install the XPS Document writer and restart Windows, you will not be able to print to PDF. This is an improvement over not asking to install the needed components.


  • QuickBooks should perform faster in large files with serial number tracking enabled.

Price Markup and Markup Preferences
(Available in Enterprise Solutions Only)

  • In the Edit Markup window, the Type of Markup will no longer change back to the default without having to save the the item.
  • You will now be able to update the price of an item to match the new cost having a zero percentage markup.
  • Price and markup calculation will now calculate correct when a markup value has been defined in the Time and Billing preferences.
  • Edit Markup option will no longer be available for Service and Non-Inventory items not used in assemblies.
  • The text label over the markup text box will now change dynamically based on the ‘Type of Markup’ chosen.
  • The cost and price are no longer changing for build assemblies when an item cost is changed.
  • The Use Default markup setting is no longer lost when you associate an item with a build assembly.
  • The price markup settings on new items are now set to use default for cost and price updating.
  • All items set to use default preferences for Price Markup will keep these preferences when updating to the latest release unless you manually edit the individual item.
  • Price markup amount will calculate correctly when the Markup Type preference changes from Percent to Amount.
  • When the Price markup preferences are set to Ask when updating cost and price, if you change an item’s cost while creating a bill, and you choose ‘Yes’ for updating the cost and price, the values will get updated successfully.
  • Price markup values will be retained with proper calculations when you upgrade a company file from a prior version of QuickBooks with the preference set to Amount over cost.
  • Price markup values will calculate properly when you change the global markup preference from ‘Amount’ to ‘Percent’ or vice versa.
  • You can now set the preferences for Markup Type and they will be retained after you save.
  • Global company preferences for Price Markup will be retained on created or updated items.
  • Price and markup percentages are now calculated correctly when the cost and price are modified during purchases.
  • The changes made in the Price Markup company preference will be applied correctly in the respective areas.


  • Double-clicking an item on the physical inventory worksheet will now correctly open a QuickReport for that item rather than the edit item screen.
  • The audit trail now shows even more detail of quantity changes done in Multi-User mode.


  • Accessing QuickBooks data using the SDK without opening QuickBooks will no longer cause an unexpected error.

To Dos

  • The display of the To Do list has been improved.
  • You can now sort the To Do list by the Done column.
  • To Do items can now be deleted.

User Interface

  • Permissions for customer payments have been improved.
  • Pending invoices are now listed in the customer center when the filter is set to All Invoices.
  • Using the keyboard shortcut to save a journal entry now refreshes the screen for the next entry.
  • The names list on the timesheet now starts with employees.

Users and Permissions (Available in Enterprise Solutions Only)

  • A new Find Report permission is available. This allows you to restrict a use from viewing/printing results of the Find menu option. Also, you can specifically enable this to give a user permissions to view or print the results.
  • Permissions for customer payments have been improved.