QuickBooks Enterprise, Premier and Pro 2011, Release 9

Accountant’s Copy

  • · The error Warning: There was a problem sending changes to the accountant copy file transfer server… will no longer be caused by entering long dashes in MS Word and pasting them into the Additional Notes.
  • · Using the Accountants File Transfer Service to convert a QB 2009 client’s file with QBA 2011 will no longer give the following incorrect msg: The accountant’s Copy transfer file came from QuickBooks 2009. You can edit it with QuickBooks Accountant 2011…… The message is incorrect – you can only edit files from the previous year’s version.

Advanced InventoryOnly available in Enterprise Solutions

  • · The site quantities will no longer be incorrect when an item transfer transaction is duplicated and then the quantities changed before the new transaction is saved.
  • · Manually closing a Sales Order will no longer cause verify to report problems with the data file incorrectly.

Client Data Review

  • · Client Data Review will no longer unexpectedly close when using the Troubleshoot Inventory feature and changing the filter criteria.
  • · Client Data Review will no longer unexpectedly close when filtering by account in the Fix unapplied customer payments and credits feature.

File Operations

  • · Rebuilding your company file will no longer get stuck on the message: Working: Rebuilding data when there are special characters in the online payee records.
  • · When QuickBooks matched an online payee prior to R9, the logic decided which name field to use (name, name on check, or address line 0) based on name type (customer, employee, other). Now all the possible fields that could contain the correct name (name, address line 0, address line 1, name on check, first-middle-last) – are compared to the online payee to find the right match. Verify data should now only report a problem when there is no match.
  • · QuickBooks will no longer display the message: Message: Another user has made changes to this Invoice or a transaction that is linked to it when creating or editing transactions in Multi-User mode.
  • · Company files from newer releases will no longer produce an error during Verify data or a backup in releases of QuickBooks 2009 prior to R6.

Form Templates

  • · Sent invoices will no longer show in the invoices to send list (send forms) from the File menu.
  • · QuickBooks will no longer attempt to send all selected items when double clicking an item in the Send Forms screen. The edit email window will open.
  • · Sending templates from QuickBooks to mobile devices that use QBConnect will now preserve more of the color settings of the template.


  • · Many instances of the error 1603 have been fixed.

Intuit Payment Network

  • · The Enable online payment check box on the invoice now allows you to add or remove the links for

o This Invoice only

o All invoices for this customer

o All invoices for all customers

  • · The Edit Payment Info Tab in the customer center now includes Customer Level Preferences for turning the IPN links on and off. It has 3 options

o Follow Company Default

o Always On For This Customer

o Always Off For this Customer

  • · Sign Up to Inuit Payment Network  Alert will now show when Saving the Invoice.
  • The payments preferences page now has the following options

o Include online payment link on emailed invoices – On click alerts the users that this will not override their customer settings for customer.

o Include online payment link on printed invoices

o Intuit Payment Network Email

o Turn off all online payment links – Pops up caution dialog and the user has to type ‘yes’ to completely turn off all IPN links. Progress indicators are used and a message indicates that all IPN links have been turned off.

  • · Email to payor with invoice has IPN links and the learn more link. And the pdf containing the invoice and the IPN link is attached with the mail

  • · The Add/Edit Multiple List Entries feature will now contain an online payment link when viewing customers.


  • · QuickBooks will no longer display the wrong quantities on an Inventory Item QuickReport when the item quantity has an opening balance for the date range of the report.
  • · The Inventory Item QuickReport now calculates the Quantity correctly, even when there are multiple Units of Measure set up.
  • · The Change Item Prices Mark All selection is now working correctly.
  • · The physical inventory worksheet will now quickzoom to the item QuickReport instead of the edit item window.
  • · Price levels no longer round to 2 digits when no rounding is selected.


  • · When you turn on the phone number to print on paystubs, the phone number will no longer print in the return address section too.
  • · Sick and vacation balances now update when editing a pending paycheck.
  • · QuickBooks now has the ability to detect your subscription if you are an Enhanced Payroll for Accountants subscriber.

QuickBooks Online Services

  • · The R9 release, when installed from the full product download, will now include Intuit Sync Manager version 4.5.


  • · The audit trail report now includes better tracking of the user (in MU mode) that makes changes to a transaction.
  • · Custom fields for transactions are now available in Custom Advanced Reporting
  • · More contacts are available in Custom Advanced Reporting.


  • · In some cases a old QuickBooks related service was preventing QuickBooks from opening correctly after installing an update. QuickBooks should now open correctly after the R9 update is installed

User Interface

  • · Closing the write checks screen will no longer cause QuickBooks to unexpectedly close when there are multiple bank accounts.