Can you process Credit Cards through the Ipad? Yes!

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Many have asked for it, and now, it is reality!

Intuit’s GoPayment Credit Card Processing system can be run on your smart phone, and now the I-pad also.

The GoPayment app is designed for merchants looking to easily sell a product or service on the spot and get paid immediately.

GoPayment utilizes the iPad’s large display along with the multi-touch screen to make the payment processing easier than on the previous iPhone version. It also allows for product pictures to be added directly from the iPad. The app is compatible with the Credit Card Reader sold by Intuit, which allows for a merchant to automatically upload the credit card details rather than typing them in by hand.

The iPad GoPayment app comes with all of the features currently offered on the iPhone version, but with a few additional benefits:

Larger screen for viewing orders – See and create sale orders right on the oversized iPad display.

Identify items with photosCombined with a new search function, the iPad version allows for you to quickly locate items by their pictures, rather item titles.

One-screen orders – With the large display, there is no need to move through numerous screens to process a sale. The iPad allows for one screen ordering to speed up the process.

If you are currently an Intuit merchant customer, you can download the GoPayment iPad App for free from the iTunes Store.