QuickBooks Enterprise, Premier and Pro 2012 Release 3

Release 3 for all of the 2012 products has been released. The following are the current list of fixes that should happen with this release.

Accountant Specific
  • You will now be able t select which edition the Accountant updates get pushed to.
  • QuickBooks Help will now open when pressing the F1 key while the Accountant Center is opened.
  • View Changes will no longer generate a Runtime Check Failed error when special characters are in some of the transactions.
  • QuickBooks will no longer crash when credit memos are applied to credit card charges in Client Data Review with a .QBW or .QBA company file.
Accounts Payable
  • The mileage rates have been updated.
  • Setting up and using 1099s in QuickBooks has been improved.
Advanced Inventory
(Avaialble only in Enterprise Solutions)
  • Serial or Lot Number reports will no longer include items without serial/lot numbers or negative serial/lot numbers.
  • QuickBooks will no longer close automatically when enabling the Enhanced Inventory Receiving feature.
  • You will now be able to bill more than you ordered after changing the quantity on purchase orders.
  • Sample Advanced Inventory.QBW file will no longer fail during the verify process.
  • Serial/Lot Tracking reports are now accessible from the Report Center.
  • Multiple will no longer appear in the PO/Bill # column when adding additional lines to an existing bill with a reference number.
  • Bill Credit fields will now be editable when switching from Bill to Bill Credit and Bill Credit to Bill with Enhanced Inventory turned on.
  • QuickBooks will now close all windows when enabling Enhanced Inventory Receiving feature.
  • Pressing the Return key after selecting QuickView Serial Numbers or Add Multiple will now open a window to select the Serial Number.
  • QuickBooks will no longer close unexpectedly when adding large serial numbers using the Add multiple serial number option.
  • Serial Numbers column will no longer display when viewing PDF forms. The contents will display in the description column.
  • When there are no serial numbers present for items, the Select All Button will be disabled from the Serial Number drop-down.
  • QuickBooks will now inform you when you use invalid delimiters (characters) with Serial Numbers.
  • In the Inventory Center when using Advance Inventory, the search results for specific sites will now display results for that particular site.
  • You will no longer have to close open transactions or reports prior to enabling FIFO.
  • You will no longer be able to edit and save transactions with Lot Numbers with negative quantities.
  • QuickBooks will no longer close unexpectedly when creating duplicate transfers from saved transactions.
  • Customers will no longer see Turn On Advanced Inventory in the Inventory menu when it has been activated.
  • Transaction List by Serial/Lot Number reportwill now display the correct signs when referring to increase and decrease of quantities.
  • Deleted Line items in Serial.Lot Number adjustments will no longer display when the transaction is saved.
  • On the Enter Bills form, Select PO/Item Receipts button text will be replaced with Select Related Transactions.
  • Duplicate Serial Numbers are no longer visible in the Qty on Hand Serial Number Quick View when opened from the Inventory Center.
  • Purchase orders received in full with negative quantity line items will now convert correctly when Enhanced Inventory Receiving is turned on.
  • QuickBooks now validates that all necessary information has been entered when saving an assembly item. When necessary, messaging is displayed to explain what additional information must be entered.
  • The lot quantity can now be greater than 999.
Backup and Restore
  • QuickBooks backup counter now resets when a backup is created, preventing the backup reminder from displaying when a backup was just created.
  • QuickBooks will now back up tax forms created and will also back up the auto-archived PDF tax forms associated.
  • Added support for keyboard shortcuts when selecting dates in the QuickBooks Calendar.
  • Invoices with a Pending status will no longer show open in the QuickBooks Calendar.
  • Vehicle Mileage transactions, timesheets and YTD adjustments will now show on the calendar.
  • Added the ability to create a To Do from the daily view of the calendar.
  • Bill status will now show Paid/Unpaid on the calendar instead of Open/Closed.
  • The calendar now shows both past due and upcoming items
  • There are preferences (accessed from the Edit menu and selecting preferences) that control the features of the calendar.
Condense Data
  • The option to delete transactions created by condensing the company file is only available in QuickBooks Accountant and Enterprise Solutions.
  • Condense data can now remove time and mileage activities outside the dates set during the Condense Data wizard.
  • Options available in Condense that were previously restricted to only Accountant Edition are now available to all Enterprise Solutions editions.
  • QuickBooks will no longer warn that Budget data may be removed at the beginning of the Condense Data process.
  • A report of transactions that could not be removed by condense is now available to Accountant and Enterprise users.
  • QuickBooks will no longer display the message: Message: Another user has made changes to this Invoice or a transaction that is linked to it when creating or editing transactions in Multi-User mode.

Document Management

  • Improved QuickBooks support for TWAIN compliant scanners.
  • Improved usability of QuickBooks Document Center.
  • Users with view only permission can no longer delete locally attached documents.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Attached To column to be blank after upgrading from QuickBooks 2011 to QuickBooks 2012.
  • Improved performance of the QuickBooks Document Center when handling a large amount of documents.

Easy Setup Interview

  • Asset accounts added during Express Start will now be correctly available in the Chart of Accounts.
  • The Tab order has been improved on the Express Setup Contact Info page.

Excel (Send reports to Excel)

  • Reports updated from QuickBooks to Excel will keep the correct formatting.
  • Re-sending a report to Excel will no longer cause the column header(s) to be shifted.
  • Reports updated in Excel will now retain custom column widths saved in Excel the first time the report was used in Excel.
  • Column headings changed in Excel are now preserved when reports are updated from QuickBooks to Excel.
  • The Select Sheet dropdown is no longer disabled when sending a report to an existing workbook.
  • The progress bar message used when sending reports to Excel has been updated.
  • Send reports to Excel now supportw additional formats: 1) fill cell 2) percent 3) currency symbol 4) border lines.
  • A first time use message is now displayed when a QuickBooks 2011 report in Excel is first updated by a send from QuickBooks 2012.
  • Emailing a report as an Excel attachment will no longer also open a blank file in Excel.
  • Exporting a report to Excel now remembers the Excel file name you used last time based on the company file you are in for this same report.
  • Excel will no longer crash while exporting from QuickBooks if Office Live Plugin is installed.
Form Templates
  • Added improved messaging to upload Form Templates after the Template has been changed in a Data synced file.
  • Help articles now have back and forward buttons.
  • Many instances of the error 1603 have been fixed.
  • You can now change your QuickBooks Pro or Premier product to a subscription (Pro Plus or Premier Plus) by calling Intuit. You do not have to uninstall and reinstall to make the change. You can also change from a subscription product back to the standard installation of Pro or Premier.

Intuit PaymentNetwork (sold separately)

  • The Intuit Payment Network now has a preference that allows it to be completely turned off for a company file.
  • The Intuit Payment Network email that accompanies IPN-Linked invoices has been updated.


  • Changing the sales or cost price for one item, then viewing a second item will no longer change the price of the second item. You will need to manually correct the sales price for any item that was changed to be incorrect even after installing Release 3 or later.
  • Changing quantity on checks linked to a purchase order will now save correctly.
  • Print Item Information will now replace Print Vendor Information when printing Item Information.
  • You will no longer see No data to print message when printing the Item List with the filters of Active Inventory, Assembly.
  • The markup price or percentage will no longer appear as zero when editing existing items that have have been updated to the latest version of QuickBooks.
  • New Inventory Item and New Inventory Assembly menu options will now open windows specific for the item being created.
  • In the Edit Item window, the Markup percentage will display up to 2 numbers past the decimal.
  • Users will no longer need to click the Build & Close button twice to save build assemblies.
  • The notes area on the Inventory Center are no longer hidden by the Transaction History.
  • Inventory Activities menu option will no longer appear under the Inventory menu. The sub menus will appear has individual options under Inventory.
  • Change Item Prices Mark All behavior has improved.
  • The warnings for blank serial or Lot numbers now work correctly based on the preferences set for the company file.
  • Resolved an issue where the Inventory Center does not display build assembly transactions when item filter is used


  • Sent invoices will no longer show in the invoices to send list (send forms) from the File menu.

Lead Manager

  • The customer center now properly displays Address info fro a converted lead.
  • The “How does this work?” link now works correctly under Lead Center.
  • Leads can now be deleted.
  • There is now a menu of options that can be peformed when right clicking on a Lead.


  • Item is inactive check box is now available when creating a new Sales Tax Group item.

Name History on Transactions

  • The email address is no longer blurred in the Name History pane on transactions.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Year to Date transactions to not show on the Calendar view.
  • Resolved an issue where Batch time sheet updates are affecting more than the selected employee
  • Fixed an issue preventing Sick/Vacation hours from being entered as a negative value.
  • Resolved an issue where Sick & Vacation balances do not update when editing a pending paycheck.


  • Resolved an issue where a Company name change is not reflected on the Send Invoice view.


  • The unit of measure used on the Inventory Item QuickReport is now correct. It now uses the default unit of measure for the item chosen when the item was first setup.
  • Lot Number by Site report will now open in the sample company file.
  • Transaction List by Serial Number report will no longer display the modified filters when clicking the Cancel button.

Reports Center

  • Memorized reports launched from the Reports Center instead of the Reports menu will no longer have an extra Date filter added.
  • The Shared Reports feature has been re-activated with improved performance.
  • The Reports Center will now open to the selected category, not just the Popular Reports category.
  • The Favorites Menu and Tab in the reports menu and reports center now show the correct reports.
  • The T5018 Canada sales tax report is no longer available in the US version.

Sales Tax

  • Changing a customer’s tax code on a Credit Memo will now correctly take affect.


  • Filters are now correctly indented. The chosen filter shows in bold text so there is no need to expand and collapse them.
  • Results are now presented in the same order that the categories are listed and results are alphabetized inside each category.


  • Modifying a Bill Payment using the SDK has been improved.


  • Webconnector unable to load message will no longer be displayed.
  • The splash screen will no longer show QuickBooks 2011 when opening the program after changing the industry to Professional Services.

To Dos

  • Changing the with filter to customer in the Customer Center while viewing To Dos will now correctly show all To Dos associated with customers.
  • To Dos can now be deleted.
  • There is now a menu of options that can be peformed when right clicking on a To Do.

Users and Permisions
(Only available in Enterprise Solutions)

  • A new Find Report permission is available. This allows you to restrict a use from viewing/printing results of the Find menu option. Also, you can specifically enable this to give a user permissions to view or print the results.

Web Email Integration

  • Mozilla Thunderbird is now an available selection when setting up Email integration with QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks will now correctly prompt for a password and send the report through email when using Webmail with QuickBooks to send reports.