QuickBooks Point of Sale V10, update 11 now active.

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A new update has become available for QuickBooks Point of Sale 10.

Update # 11 includes:


  • Fixed a printing issue with custom filters where selecting print all displayed brings up the entire customer list for printing.
Customer Orders
  • Resolved an issue where the payment method used on a deposit, did not carry over into the receipt correctly.
  • Resolved an ‘invalid input’ error that resulted from adding a special order item to an existing customer order.
General Functionality
  • The ‘X’ button now functions properly on the Quick Pick window.
  • Fixed an issue where the results display incorrectly when sorting by Active Price, Margin percent or Markup percent.


  • Resolved the ‘object reference’ error which occurs when editing a Unit of Measure item.
  • Reorder point values which are cleared (blanked out or zeroed) will now hold their value.


  • Changing the Merchant number during the setup interview will now prompt to settle pending transactions.
  • Support added for the Ingenico Telium iPP 3xx series PIN pad.


  • Now able to print Held Receipts when accessing them from within the Sales Receipt.
  • Changing from one commissioned associate to another while in a receipt will now apply commission amounts to the appropriate associate.
  • Resolved an issue where POS would hang if the payment method was changed during the course of a transaction. Ex. Select credit as the payment type, swipe a card on the PinPad and select Debit.