Connecting the Ingenico Pin Pad in Win7 64 bit with QBPOS v10.

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 Recently we have seen a flurry of calls where the Ingenico i3070 pin pad is not installing. Here is a rough guide on how to get the Pin Pad to install correctly.

1. Make sure your QuickBooks Point of Sale Merchant Account number has been entered into the company preferences. The Pin Pad will not operate without that number in place.

2. Make sure you have downloaded the 64 bit driver for the pin pad. This can be found on the Intuit support page:

3. Once the driver is downloaded and extracted, it will create a folder under the C: drive called Drivers.


4. Click the Windows start button, then Right-click the word Computer, then Left-click on properties. It should display information that says the computer has Windows 7, the version, and say 64 bit.

 Next, click the line on the left that says Device Manager.

5. When this opens, you will see the ingenico Pin Pad listed with an small yellow symbol. Double Click on the Ingenico i3070.

 As this opens you will see a button that says Update Driver. Left Click on this button.



 6. On the next screen, choose the option to Let me Browse my computer.


 7. On the next window, select All Devices, and click Next. This will enable a button that says Have Disk.


 8. Click the Have Disk button, then click Browse. You want to Double-click the C: drive.


 Under there, you will see the Drivers Folder, Double Click this. quickbooks,

You will then see the Ingenico Folder, Double-click the folder.


 Inside you will see three items, 2 folders (x86 and x64) and a file.


 9. Click on the file and click OK. This will bring a new screen where it will tell you the file is Digitally Signed and ask if you would like to install it.


10. Click Next to install. Once it it through installing, the pin pad should become operational.

 If the Pin Pad is still not working, there may be an additional file that needs to be installed, follow these same steps to locate that file also.