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 In the past we have had requests from our clients, asking where they could get information on topics that are not in the help files, the manuals, or apply to their business on specific topics.

 We have searched high and low, and could not find anything that really suited those needs. We also wanted a way to reach our clients with information, tips and tricks, and better coverage of common topics.

 This Blog has been a wonderful asset in order to get information out. Some have already subscribed to the RSS feed to keep current with recent updates and news. But a blog still has a limited capability to get information out, and does not allow much in the way of interaction with you, our clients.

 Instead, we need a more dynamic forum that allows us to make a more personal connection with retailers. Retailers have specific concerns about their businesses, and just posting blog articles has let some of the most interesting topics and best information kind of slip through the cracks.

 Our hope is to have pre-recorded webinars on general topics, but also to have live sessions where we can update you on recent changes, and allow for questions and answers to be traded back on forth. I think this will offer a unique opportunity for both us and you, the retailers, and can help us to provide the information and answers you need.

 As soon as we have all the duscks in a row, we will let you know when, where and how to join these sessions. Right now I am practicing my delivery. It is a bit different from a one on one session or even a live presentation. I need to get down my timing so that even slow internet connections can follow along. And I need to get back in the habit of speaking for a longer period of time. It really is harder than it looks.