I just saw the Square on TV. Why is GoPayment a better choice?

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 Yes, Square is getting a lot of press recently. But there are some considerations you should really think about before you make your decision.

 Square has a single plan. You pay 2.75% for all the cards you process.  If yu anticipate using the service alot, like a plumber, vet, swapmeet vendor and such, you are still going to pay the same as the guy that uses it once in a while.

 GoPayment has a High Volume plan. If you are going to be processing more than a $ 1000.00 a month, you can get a plan with a $ 12.95 monthly fee. Why is that better? Because you get a rate of 1.7% on the swiped transactions. That is a full percentage point below Square.

 GoPayment will also run a credit check to reduce fraud. With a credit report, you can check the entries and have incorrect information removed. You have a level of control over the information contained in your file.

 Square does not run a credit check. Instead, they search the web for all of your social media listings ( Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Google etc.) and try to determine if you are a fraud risk based on that. So what happens if they get the names mixed up, or someone has created a listing in your name and is posting bad information there? You have no control over what is posted on the internet! You have no way of cleaning up the mess.

 It is understandable that Square would take this approach, after all, the founder is the same guy that brought us Twitter. But when it comes to processing credit cards for a business, do we really want to rely on a Social Media specialist, or should we go with a company that has been at the fore front of personal and small business accounting for years, and whose products are well known, and have a proven track record?

 GoPayment is not a new comer to the field of cell phone credit card applications, nor is the Merchant Service behind it. They have a good, proven track record for credit card processing, and an outstanding reliability. These are well earned.

 I cannot, and will not tell you how to run your business. But if something seems odd, I can point it out. And, by the way, Intuit gives out a cell phone Credit Card Reader for free also. They just don’t need to see all of your family and friends you chat with.