Whats new in Release 6 – QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 11, Premier & Pro 2011

Many changes come with the r6p update to the QuickBooks 2011 programs.

Call our experts if you have questions about this update or any other QuickBooks program functionality at 800-609-0788.

Collections Center
  • QuickBooks will now allow users to delete a Customer Note before sending emails from the Collections Center.
Form Templates
  • Importing and customizing sales form templates will no longer cause the unrecoverable error 14867 99905.
  • Send troubleshooting information to your support agent
    • Sends data from QuickBooks in-product browser and makes the data immediately available to agents.
    • Data sent includes OS, disk space, options in use, size of tables and more.
  • Integrated Help (available in Pro+, Premier+ & Premier PAP)
    • A search box and button have been added to the QuickBooks menu bar to allow quick access to online help.
    • A single search now queries the QuickBooks in-product help, the Intuit Communities and the QuickBooks support website for answers.
  • Built in Password Reset
    • QuickBooks can now reset your company file admin password from within the program.
    • Correct registration and license information is required to complete the process (to verify your identity).
  • Enhanced the way Help displays when changing the default Windows 7 font to a larger font.
  • Enhanced display issues when loading graphics in Help.
  • QuickBooks Automatic Data Recovery (not available for Premier Accountant and Enterprise Solutions at this time)
    • QuickBooks Pro, Pro +, Premier and Premier + now automatically create a copy of the data file. This can be used to do automatic data recovery should the file become damaged.
Intuit Data Protect
  • The Intuit Data Protect System Tray icon will no longer load for unsubscribed users.
Intuit Payment Network
  • Batch invoices will now have a selection to add the Intuit Payment Network link to them.
  • QuickBooks will no longer become temporarily unresponsive when selecting Allow Online Payment and Send Invoice Via Email while creating an invoice.
  • The build point of an Assembly Item will now reflect properly on the items Reorder point.
  • QuickBooks will now display the You don’t have enough quantity to sell message when appropriate while generating an Invoice from an Estimate or Sales order.
  • Added the ability to remove line items from Inventory Adjustments after the document has been saved.
  • Batch Invoicing for Time and Expenses (Available in Premier+ and Premier Accountant PAP.)
    • Users can view billable transactions for multiple customers and view the billable amounts for time, expenses, mileage, and purchased items.
    • Select the customers to be invoiced, generate invoices, and select delivery options (email or printed).
Memorized Transactions
  • Memorized Transactions Improvements (Available in Pro+, Premier+ and Premier Accountant PAP.)
    • The prompt to enter memorized transactions when opening QuickBooks has been replaced with a list of memorized transactions ready to be entered.
    • You can now choose Do not display in the future when prompted to enter a memorized transaction.
  • The Print checks window now correctly show payroll checks in the print queue.
  • QuickBooks should no longer incorrectly display Error PS036 when you try to validate your payroll subscription.
  • The XPS Document Driver will now install properly if .Net is already installed on the computer.
QuickBooks Connected Services
  • Intuit Data Sync (Sync Manager) will no longer fail to connect to company files that have special characters in the Company Name inside QuickBooks.
  • Launchpad Improvements (Available in Pro, Premier, Premier Accountant, Pro+ and Premier+.)
    • The launchpad feature can now be updated without a QuickBooks release patch.
    • Launchpad can track unique users within QuickBooks Desktop based on the company file name.
    • QuickBooks can now detect new Connected Services Applications that have not been setup yet and prompt the user to set them up.
QuickBooks File Manager
  • You will no longer see the Files Assignment May Change dialog when you remove your client list and then update it.
  • Inventory Items without a description will no longer display the description of the item above in the Inventory to Reorder section.
  • The transaction journal report now displays the Debit and Credit columns automatically in more cases.
  • When you combine multiple Profit and Loss reports, inactive accounts will no longer appear on the report.
  • Custom field views for MLI will now be available in OBDC reports.
  • Multi Location Inventory (MLI) views are now available when creating reports using ODBC.
  • New columns have been added for ODBC reporting.
  • Unit of Measure will now correctly import when there are more than 2 digits to the right of the decimal point in the conversion ratio.
User Interface
  • The transaction journal report now displays the Debit and Credit columns automatically in more cases.
  • New tab on Transaction pane for information specific to the current transaction (Available in Pro+, Premier+ and Premier Accountant PAP.)
    • See who created and edited a transaction
    • When it was emailed
    • What transactions were related to it
    • New ability to create notes on supported transactions