A Free Credit Card Reader for my cell phone with GoPayment.

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I have said it before, and I will say it again. Yes, you can get a free with GoPayment.

GoPayment is the solution that allows you to process credit cards through your cell phone. Since we first started talking about it, it has been going great guns, with new and existing businesses signing up for the service. And why not?

With two different plans available, including one with no monthly fee, it has proven to be a great backup solution for businesses in case their regular credit card processing goes down. Add to that the speed and convenience of processing cards in the field, and you have businesses that are getting paid much faster. They know the card is good and the payment is processed before they ever leave the customer site.

One feature that others do not offer, this solution allows you to download the payments directly into your QuickBooks, so bank reconciliation is far easier. And the customers are happy because their credit card info is not being written down and taken off site. The card is swiped right in front of them and the receipt is emailed, or texted right to their phone.

Sign up today, with no cancellation fees and no long term contracts, let’s see if we can make your life a bit easier!