My computer crashed, where are the data files for Free POS or QuickBooks Point of Sale V10?

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There is a miss-conception. QuickBooks Point of Sale and the Free POS, do NOT use a single data file. Your data is stored in a database, inside a folder.

In Windows XP, the folder is located under C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersShared DocumentsIntuitQuickBooks Point of Sale (X)Data.

In Vista and Win 7 , it is located in C:UsersPublicPublic DocumentsIntuitQuickBooks Point of Sale (X)Data.

Inside the data folder, there will be an individual folder for each company file. Inside the company file folder, there is typically a backup folder, which stores the most recent default backups. These are compressed files which will end with the extension .QPB

If your system has crashed, and depending on your version, do not count on the backup files being there. In some versions, setting the backup preference to an Alternate Location, the backups may have been sent to another drive or folder.

If the data needs to be recovered, your best option is to copy the entire data folder.

Note: In older versions, such as V 1- v3, the data is comprised of several file types and is located in C:Program FilesIntuitQBPOSRPRO