What Versions of QuickBooks Point of Sale work with Windows 7?

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We often see posts in the QuickBooks Point of Sale Community Forums, concerning people having issues running older versions of QuickBooks Point of Sale on new or updated computers that have Windows 7 as the operating system.

The quick answer is that no version of QuickBooks Point of Sale prior to Version 7, should be installed on Windows 7.

Yes, you can install older versions on the Windows 7 and try to run them in Compatibility Mode, but the issues that can occur are varied, and in many cases cannot be overcome.

Part of this stems from the program. When versions 6, and prior were coded, Windows XP was the latest software on computers. Windows VIsta and Windowas 7 were far in the future, and the Point of Sale programs were written to utilize the existing file structure.

When Windows Vista came out, the file structure in Windows changed. This caused the code of Point of Sale versions 7 and later, to store their data files in different folders than previous versions.

Some feel that Intuit and other software companies want you to update the software every few years, as a way to continue making money for the software company. But the fact is that they require this due to the changes that are made in computers and programming that are occuring everyday. As a software gets older, its code ( or programming language) is not designed to work correctly with the newer, more advanced code from other programs and operating systems.

Add to that the fact that programs are designed to share some files, thus reducing the number of files needed to run programs ( these shared files are called Dynamic Link Libraries), you can have an older version of a software that causes problems with more modern software since the files they require are older.

If you are running into difficulties with your older versions of QuickBooks Point of Sale, whether you feel it is a scam or not, the simple fact is that the later the version, the more likely you are to be productive and have a program that is designed to work with your current version of Windows. If you are running Windows 7, or plan to upgrade to it, please remember that versions 6 and below of QuickBooks Point of Sale are not designed to operate in that version.