It costs me money to accept credit cards, why would I want a free credit card reader from GoPayment?

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Many business owners feel that the amount they charge for a service or an item does not justify the cost of credit card processing.

Let’s face some facts. If you are doing hair cuts for a few dollars each, I can understand their reasoning. But we are a world where credit cards and debit cards are used everywhere, for everything you can purchase. Don’t have cash on you right now? Just whip out the credit card! Need to really track the expenditures for supplies, charge them so that you have everything on your statement.

But when it comes to accepting credit cards, especially in service businesses, that can be expensive and involves special equipment, right? No. Not really.

Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Enterprise, Quicken, Free POS, QuickBooks Point of Sale, and TurboTax, have a service called GoPayment. It provides the capability of processing credit cards through your cell phone.

They have a couple of plans available, one with a low monthly fee and an excellent rate on swiped credit card transactions, and a Low Volume plan with no monthly fees, and a higher transaction rate. You can choose the plan for you.

But what about the costs of processing when I charge so little? Well, one thing we have seen is that businesses are increasing the cost of the services and items to  account for the cost of processing, and giving a discount for cash customers.

Another trend we are seeing is, for businesses that already process credit cards, they are signing up for the Low Volume plan to use as a backup, if their current processors go down. That is pretty darn smart actually. Since you only pay for the transactions you process, you have no cash outlay when it is not used. You are not tied into a contract, and you have no cancellation fees. Plus, you can download the payments right into your QuickBooks accounting software.

In our modern age, with money so tight, there is no reason why we cannot know that the payment we receive is good before we ever leave the customers place. Here is another little tidbit we have seen. If the customer is aware that you are going to run the credit card right on the spot, there is a higher probability that it will be a good card. No one likes the embarrassment of having their card declined right in front of them. So think about it. Get paid now, or wait…the choice is yours.