How can I process Credit Cards and Debit cards with Free POS or GoPayment?

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Credit card and debit card processing in Free POS can be done through the QuickBooks Point of Sale Merchant Account Service. There are many advantages to processing this way.

You do not require an external terminal. The software is the terminal, and if there are changes in the processing requirements, you receive an automatic update to the software and continue processing. It also removes the problem of miss-typing the amount into the terminal. As Credit Card or Debit card is chosen as the method of payment, the amount is automatically drawn directly from the receipt. The program is designed to print two copies of the receipt by default, one the customer signs and you retain, the other the customer takes with them.

There is also the option of a Signature Capture pin pad, where the customer signs on the pin pad screen, and the signature is retained in the software.

For GoPayment, you can attach the Free Card Swipe to your phone. Open the GoPayment application on your smart phone, or browse to the website

Swipe the card, enter the amount. On many of the smart phones that have a touch screen, the customer can sign right on the phone. It processes through, and you can email a receipt, or send the receipt by text message to the customers phone.

The credit card payments processed through GoPayment can be downloaded directly into your QuickBooks accounting software.

And remember that the GoPayment system has two plans to suit your needs. One plan has:

  • No Monthly fees
  • No setup fees
  • No contracts
  • No cancellation fees
  • A Free Credit Card Reader

You only are charged the processing fees when it is used.

The other plan has a low monthly fee, and better swiped transaction rates. The GoPayment system is reliable, works with a large variety of cell phones ( any phone that can reach a web page can process), and you can have multiple employees login and process, all going to your business bank account.

Since you can process anywhere you have a cell phone service, we are seeing many organizations that are signing up to handle charity events, rummage sales, estate sales, swap meets, sidewalk sales, concession stands, and other times when you do not have easy access to a phone line or register. We are more than happy to discuss your business needs, and help you to decide if this is the right solution for your needs.

I would recommend you check out GoPayment, if only as a backup to your current Merchant Service.