The Barcode Scanner for Free POS and QuickBooks Point of Sale 10 does not go to the next item.

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Sometimes, when all the hardware is hooked up, as you scan an item, it waits for you to hit the enter key to move to the next item.

This is not normal,  but it is not bad either. It simply means the barcode scanner is missing one small piece of programming.

It is missing a command called Carriage Return. If you remember the days of the manual type writer, we used to have to shove the carriage to the left at the end of the line, to continue on to the next line.

It is the same thing here, the scanner thinks there is mmore data to be entered, so it waits for us to hit the enter key to move on to the next item.

By scanning a barcode called Carriage Return, we tell the scanner that once the item has been scanned, it is to hit enter automatically.

Normally, there is a programming sheet that is included with your hardware. It allows you to reset the scanner to factory settings.

If you are unable to locate this form, please look here to downoad it, and print it out.

Choose option 3-Programming Sheet-USB, Trigger Mode and More.pdf

Print this document, and scan the barcode for Carriage Return Suffix.

When you scan this barcode, it will add the needed piece to the programming.

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