Free POS from QuickBooks Point of Sale, is it all I need?

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The Free POS has been out for a while. Many businesses are finding it to suit their needs. But the question we need to ask is, is this the only thing we need?

 Whether the Free POS capabilities fit your business is going to depend on how your business flows. If you have inventory that needs to be tracked, if you have the need to barcode the items, if you want to track customers and have a rewards program, then maybe you need the pro version.

 The Free POS does a good job of tracking what is sold. It can utilize the hardware to scan barcodes, print receipts,print inventory tags, and process credit cards with the Point of Sale Merchant Account Service. It can transfer the sales data to the QuickBooks financial software.  All in all, a very capablwe program for free.

 One mistake that is often made, people assume that the Point of Sale software is all they need.

 Hardware is optional, but in many cases, the gain in speed and ease of use can be a huge benefit.

 Linking the Point of Sale program to the QuickBooks accounting software, while optional, is something you as a business person should really consider.

 Any business, whether they track inventory and customers, or not, should be running an accounting software. The size of the business really does not matter. As a business owner or manager, you should be able to run reports that show the business profitability ( or lack there of) at any time.

 You cannot afford to guess, or have a ballpark idea in these hard economic times. Decisions need to be made, options weighed, and products ordered or discontinued, and you cannot make these decisions without good reporting.

 There also comes the time when we have to pay taxes.

 With the software options, you can have the Point of Sale ring the sales, QuickBooks track the data, and if it is set up correctly, the QuickBooks can export the data into the TurboTax for Business program, filling out many of the forms automatically.

 When planning to implement the Free POS, QuickBooks Point of Sale, QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro, or QuickBooks, you should always bear in mind that the software you choose, may be more than one program, but they join together to form a solution for your business.