Have you thought about Intuit GoPayment?

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gopayment,By now you may have heard about it. But have you really thought about what Intuit GoPayment could do for you? Process credit cards through your cell phone?

Some will think of it in passing, Hey, what a neat idea!, and then go on with their day.

Well, that may not be the wise move. If your competition cannot accept payments anywhere, then maybe you should!

Or how about a charity event? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a credit card capability on hand when needed, and not be charged for the times it is not?

When you have done work at a clients home or business, isn’t it better to know that you are paid before you leave? Or would you prefer to send them a bill, then wait for a check to be cut. Let’s face a simple fact. If you are waiting to get paid, you are loaning your clients money. Can you really afford to do that?

I can list a thousand different businesses that could use GoPayment. I can give a hundred reasons why it is a good thing to have.

If you cannot decide whether to sign up or not, ask yourself a couple of simple questions.

Do you like waiting to get paid? Then finding out the credit card is denied?

And if you already have a merchant service, What do you do if it goes down? Do you turn away sales unless they are cash?

If you don’t like the answers you gave yourself, then you know that you need to sign up, without delay. Hey, you just said you don’t like to wait, Right?