In QuickBooks POS 10.0, is list edit truly gone? No, it is just hidden!

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One of the biggest disappointments we saw with QuickBooks Point of Sale Version 10, was that we could no longer use the List Edit on the inventory list as we had in previous versions. The List Edit feature allowed us to edit the items directly in the list, thus speeding up the editing process tremendously.

Well, it turns out the feature is still there, you just have to get to it through a different path.

First, open Reports on the top of the program then choose Items.

Next, choose Items list report.QBPOS


Double click the first item on the report. This brings up the Edit Item screen.

At the top of the screen choose View List.


This brings back the Items List view we had seen in the past, complete with the small arrow to the right of Edit.


Clicking on the small arrow once again allows us the option to turn on list edit


Now, we can once again edit tiems directly in the list!

Note: This is NOT available in the Free POS version.