Free POS Feed Store install, continued.

If you have questions about the software, please call us at 800-609-0788.

As I had described in an earlier post, we had assisted a Feed Store with the installation of the Free POS. Since that time, they have signed up and been accepted for the Merchant Account Service for processing their debit and credit cards, and have installed a debit pin pad.

I spoke with them a few days ago, and they were happy with the progress they had made. The pre-made file I had supplied gave them a jump-start on the inventory, and I showed them how to setup Quick-Pick items to help them to ring sales faster.

All in all, the Free POS is suiting their needs at this time. We have discussed moving to the full version of the program at a later date, but for now, the Free POS allows them to ring up the sales, get the reporting they need, and allows their staff to get used to the transaction flow before they move on to the more complicated activities of the full QuickBooks Point of Sale program.