I have QuickBooks Point of Sale 10 PRO, how do I put on a customer PO#?

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In many cases, our clients call and ask how to put the customer Purchase Order number on the receipt.

You cannot put the PO# directly on the receipt, but it can be put on a Sales Order. You may not see it available in Version 10, until you do a change.

In order for the Customer PO# field to show on the Sales Order, you must edit the customer, and place a check mark in Track as a Company. You then enter the company name.

Once this has been done, when you open the Sales Order, and choose the Company name, the Customer PO# field will appear below the customer name.

Once the PO number has been entered, and the items for the customer, you save the Sales Order, then choose I Want To- Sell Items. This will bring up the receipt screen. When the receipt prints, the Customer PO# will be included in the customer information on the receipt.

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