Can I use the Free QuickBooks POS on more than 1 register in my store?

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Can I use the Free QuickBooks POS on more than 1 register in my store?

This is a question we receive on a pretty regular basis. The short answer is, no.

While the Free QuickBooks POS is a nice piece of software, allowing you to enter item names, make sales, calculate the sales tax and track what was sold, it is a limited version. It is going to lack some of the capabilities of it’s big brother, QuickBooks Point of Sale version 10.

It will operate on a single computer, multiple copies installed on several computers will NOT talk to each other.  It does not track customers, on hand quantities, customer rewards, or allow for matrixes or style grids. It is a Free program after all. There is no Purchase Order capability, nor are there any Receiving Vouchers

What the program does do is, tracks the sales, the sales tax, and integrates with the Merchant Account service to process credit cards and debit cards. It does allow you to scan UPC codes and create inventory tags with barcodes.  Once the program is registered, it does allow you to open a 60 day trial of the Pro version of the software, which has all of the capabilities. And if you find the trial of the pro does not fit the business needs, you can roll back to the Free POS.

It will send its sales data to the QuickBooks accounting software at the end of the day if the programs are on the same system and linked together, for bank deposit tracking and such.

If we take into account what the Free QuickBooks POS will do, you can see where it can be a benefit to many stores. If you decide to go to the full QuickBooks Point of Sale version, that is a capability also.