Zebra LP 2824 Plus printing problems?

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If you have the new Zebra LP 2824 Plus tag printer and are having trouble with the tags not printing properly from your QuickBooks Point of Sale program, try these steps.

Download the latest printer driver, firmware and ZDownloader utility from Zebra’s website

NOTE:  Newer versions of these files may have been released since the writing of this article.

Install printer driver, connect and power on the printer
Run firmware executable extracting firmware file to any location (default is C:V61_17_9Z )
Run Zdownloader utility installation using default install options.
Launch Firmware Downloader under All Programs>ZebraLink>Firmware Downloader>
Under Printer menu, select Auto-Detect
It should find Printer#1, right click on Printer#1 and choose Select Firmware File option, browse to firmware file location C:V61_17_9Z
Select firmware file  V61.17.9Z.zpl, open it
Right click on Printer#1 again and select ‘Download To Selected’ option
After Download Status shows complete, wait a minute or so until the printer is in ready mode (it will advance a tag and the light will be solid green)
Verify firmware version by right clicking on Printer#1 and selecting ‘Print EPL Test Page’ option.
The first line of the test page should read ZTC LP 2824 Plus V61.17.9Z
Once the firmware is verified, launch POS and go into inventory> print tags> select Calibrate.

Start by un-checking both jewelry tag options (use black bar and adjust start position).
Print a few jewelry tags.  If they are not aligned properly, try enabling one or both of these options.

You should be able to find a combination that will print jewelry tags successfully.

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