Release 4 for QuickBooks Enterprise 11 has been released.

These changes and improvements were made to QuickBooks Pro 2011, QuickBooks Premier 2011, and Enterprise Solutions 11.0 in this release R4.

Release 4 (R4)

Accountant’s Copy

  • You will now receive the correct account status messages when trying to connect to the Accountant’s Copy File Transfer Service.

Accounts receivable

  • Billed Data and Due Date now function correctly on memorized transactions.

Advanced Inventory

  • The Total Quantity field in the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries correctly reflects the total quantity for all locations.
  • QuickBooks will now copy reorder points correctly when using the Copy Down option in the Open Inventory site information screen.
  • QuickBooks will now calculate adjusted item values properly in Inventory Adjustment transactions when Advanced Inventory is enabled
  • When using Copy Down in the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries screen to copy similar Site Reorder Points or Site Quantities, QuickBooks now copies the similar information down.

Business Planner

  • The Business Planner in Windows 2008 Server no longer displays the error version has stopped working.

Client Data Review

  • You can now reclassify item-based transactions to or from balance sheet accounts using Client Data Review.
  • A wrench icon has been added for the Find Incorrectly Paid Payroll Liabilities link on the Client Data Review Center. This should make it easier to identify this link as a tool.

Company Snapshot

  • QuickBooks will no longer display an unexpected or unrecoverable error and close after viewing a newly deleting a newly created account that was viewed in the company snapshot.

Custom Reports

  • ODBC Reporting now includes hierarchical names for names lists.
  • ODBC Reports can now include payroll data.
  • Custom Advanced Reporting permissions have been improved.
  • The Sales Tax Code list is now available in ODBC reporting.

File Operations

  • Icons for QuickBooks Plus subscription versions will now show that they are for QuickBooks Plus.
  • QuickBooks should no longer display the (-6129, -143) or (-6000,-99003) error codes when opening a company file.


  • All tutorials now display the completed checkbox once the tutorial has been finished.
  • E-book link now opens the correct page from the Learning Center Tutorials.
  • The help topic for Average Days to Pay now correctly points to the Average Days to Pay report.

Intuit Statement Writer

  • ISW will now function correctly with Office 2010 32 bit.  The 64 bit version of Office is not supported with ISW.
  • The messaging displayed when attempting to use ISW with 64-bit Office 2010 has been updated.
  • ISW Update Manager now checks for updates on a weekly schedule.
  • ISW will close (and install the updates)  if you choose to install updates when you open the program.
  • The correct version, version year, and copyright year appear in the About ISW box.
  • If an update to ISW is damaged during the download you will be prompted to try again or cancel. If you cancel you will be prompted to download the update the next time ISW is opened.
  • You will be prompted to install available updates the next time you launch ISW after canceling the installation in a prior session.  Previously, the prompt never appeared again.


  • Inactive items can now be hidden on the Change Item Prices window.
  • Inventory Adjustments can now be entered with zero value adjustments.

(available in QuickBooks Accountant and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.)

  • Save Forms as PDF no longer restricted in a second instance of QuickBooks.
  • Send Forms is no longer restricted in a second instance of QuickBooks.

New User Setup

  • QuickBooks Coach can now be disabled in files that are converted from QuickBooks 2010 where the Coach was enabled.
  • QuickBooks Easy Setup now requires single user mode to open.


  • QuickBooks no longer displays the message One or more of your paychecks are dated earlier than 09/09/2027 when transmitting payroll.
QuickBooks File Manager


  • Users can now drag and drop files into QB File Manager to create a new client folder.
  • Renamed clients will now be sorted alphabetically.
  • You can now drag a single file from your desktop to a QFM client without having all desktop files and folders listed in the client after a refresh.
  • If you choose the option to Add multiple clients at a time (select a folder containing multiple client sub folders) you will be prompted to us the selected folder if it does not contain any subfolders.
  • The Client List Setup Wizard will no longer automatically open after setting up Client Lists.
  • A password is no longer required when changing from a client level login to a file level login.
  • You will now be prompted that the name exists if you add a duplicate Client and the existing name will be highlighted.
  • Password Vault credentials are retained when merging 2 QB File Manager Clients.
  • QuickBooks File Manger no longer shows all company files as version unknown when a single file is damaged. Only the damaged company file(s) will show as version unknown.
  • New file command, Open Second Company this new command will open a second instance of QuickBooks so you can refer to or work in a second company file without closing the first.
  • Username recovery and password reset have been improved for QuickBooks File Manager.

QuickBooks Online Backup

  • Upon completion of a Local Backup, QuickBooks no longer displays the offer to use Online Backup after you have clicked No Thanks.
  • The Learn More link now launches Intuit Data Protect correctly.
  • The correct Connected Services landing page will open for Accountant users.
  • The Backup Wizard now remembers the previously used selection for Online Backup or Local Backup when performing the next backup.
  • The Backup Status messaging on the Home Page has been updated.
  • QuickBooks will no longer display the crash error code 1445027903.

QuickBooks Online Banking

  • There is help content displayed that says delete the amount from the first line and add it to the line with the prefilled account when customers have first setup an account pre-fill.


  • Quick Zoom of Inventory Valuation Summary by Site Report now displays the On Hand quantity correctly.
  • The History pane will no longer reopen when moving between transactions with different templates.
  • The History pane will now display on the Sales Order form.
  • QuickBooks users without the proper permissions will be prevented from accessing unauthorized transactions from summary reports.
  • Average Days to Pay Summary report now shows the correct information when a new payment is recorded.

Web email integration

  • Pressing the ESC key while the Send Form dialog is open will cancel any emails from being processed.

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