How can I receive payments in the field?

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Years ago, I did computer work as a contractor. I would drive to the customer’s site, do the work, then go home and send them an invoice. Eventually I would get paid. Or not….

There is nothing more frustrating than performing the work, collecting the payment information, then once you are back at the office, both submitting it and having the credit card denied, or having to send out an invoice and wait for the client to send you a check.

It is a dilemma that faces many contractors, consultants and service providers every day. Do we wait for payment? Do we take it on faith that the credit card will go through? How long will I have to wait to get my money? Wouldn’t it  be simpler to be able to process the credit card right on the spot?

Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks, Quicken, TurboTax, and Point of Sale agree. They recently launched a new service called GoPayment. This is a service that allows you to process the credit card right through your phone, and email the receipt immediately. Not only that, but with the correct hardware, you can actually swipe the card, and process it.  It is on the way to your account.

One hardware adapter attaches directly to your I-Phone 3G. There are also Bluetooth adapter that connect to your phone wirelessly. These allow you to actually swipe the card and get the lowest possible rate.

Sure, there are other companies that are doing the same, but are they really. Most will require you to sign up for a contract for 2 or more years. With GoPayment, no contract…. Really, no contract! No cancellation fees. A low monthly charge, and very competitive rates.

Yes, you can charge the card, and know you are paid before you even finish putting up your tools!

And if you are using QuickBooks, you can download the payments right into the program. If you already have a QuickBooks Merchant Account, you can get a discount on the monthly fees.

What if I don’t have the card swipe?  Not a problem. You can process the card by typing in the numbers. The application is easy to use, and can be installed in a number of Smart Phones. If you have a BlackBerry, OK. More phones are being added all the time.

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