Installing Free QuickBooks POS in a Feed Store!

If you have questions about the software, please call 800-609-0788.

As I had previously mentioned, the Free QuickBooks POS can be readily used for a Feed Store. Many feed stores across the US operate on a very low profit margin, and in some cases, cannot afford to extend the money to purchase a full Point of Sale system, such as QuickBooks Point of Sale version 10.

While the Free QuickBooks POS does lack some of the features of the full version, it does allow you to carry out your sales, do sales reports, track the sales tax collected, integrate with the QuickBooks accounting software, and process debit and credit cards using the Merchant Account Service from Intuit.


This weekend we will be assisting a feed store in installing the Free QuickBooks POS, and training them to use it. I have a feed store file, which has many commonly handled items for feed stores already installed in the items list, complete with the UPC codes for scanning.

My hope is that, with a little fine tuning, we will be able to offer the file for download, so that feed stores that are just starting out have a file they can install with most of the inventory already in place. We hope to help ease the most difficult step in the setup process, which is entering the inventory.

Once the file is in place and operating, I will continue to keep our readers posted on the progress of the store, and it’s use of the program. There is no better stress test for a software than to be used in the real world, and we will be testing this to it’s fullest.

If you would like to get more information on what the system can do for you, please call us 800-609-0788.

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