An update on the Zebra Tag Printer.

ZebraIf you have questions about the programs, call us at 800-609-0788.


We have received some new information concerning the recent change from the Zebra LP 2824 to the LP 2824 Plus. It appears that in some cases the LP 2824 Plus printer was not printing Jewelry tags successfully. This may actually be attributed to an outdated firmware on the printer.



We have now been given directions on how to download and install the drivers, and also instructions on how to update the firmware on the Plus model of the printer. We are being advised that this ensures the printer will operate properly.

You should be aware that the drivers included on the Point of Sale cd will not work on this new printer. Instead, you should download the latest drivers from Zebra. If what we see is true, the newer Plus printer has drivers for both 32 and 64 bit operating systems.

This helps to remove one of the major obstacles we have had in going to a 64 bit operating system. We will be thoroughly testing this soon, and will of course post the results. This would be a great addition to either the Free QuickBooks POS, or the QuickBooks Point of Sale.