Zebra has discontinued the LP 2824 tag printer.

ZebraIf you have questions about the software, or hardware it works with, call us at 800-609-0788.


Zebra has recently stopped production of the LP 2824, which is the recommended printer for printing tags from the Free QuickBooks Point Of Sale and QuickBooks Point of Sale software. The printer has been replaced the with Zebra LP 2824 Plus.

While similar in design, they do not use the same drivers. Intuit drivers will not currently work with the LP 2824 Plus, so the drivers from the Zebra website must be downloaded.



While the Zebra drivers will work for the Intuit normal and small labels, it does not appear that they print the jewelry tags successfully. Until we are advised that the drivers from Intuit have been updated, we recommend the following.

If you intend to purchase the Tag printer, please do so directly from Intuit, or at our Store. Our hardware suppliers will have an existing stock of the LP 2824 printers which will work correctly with the program.

Also, you should keep an eye out for the Intuit website, to watch for announcements.