Can I do trade-ins, rentals or store credit with Free Point of Sale?

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Those who have used the previous QuickBooks and QuickBooks Point of Sale products, may have had capabilities that allowed you to handle certain situations, and you may wonder if those capabilities are there in the Free Point of Sale.


As you may have read, Free Point of Sale is just that, it is Free. Due to being a free software, we would expect some limitations. In the Pro version of QuickBooks Point of Sale, we had the capability of tracking Customers. The Free Point of Sale does not allow customer tracking so there are some limitations on what we can do with the software. Store Credit, Trade-ins, and setting up rentals are all transactions that are based on a single customer. By using the customer name, we have the capability of tracking the information around them, such as their balance, and their sales history.

So, sadly, the program does not allow for store credit, rentals, or trade-ins. If these are transactions that are involved in your day to day operations, then you will need to go to the Point of Sale Pro version of the program.