What did the R-6 Patch fix in Free QuickBooks POS and QuickBooks Point of Sale 10

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The latest release of the Free QuickBooks POS and QuickBooks Point of Sale 10 is R-6. This update is designed to fix a small issue we saw when you attempted to edit the price on a Service type item on the sales receipt. Previously, when you tried to edit the price, you would receive an error message. After installing the update, the error is no longer present, and the item will edit just fine.

This is a prime example of why we need to let Intuit know when there is an error occuring. Often, when a newer version of software is released, there are issues with the coding. They may be small things, such as incorrect documentation in the Help files, to large ones which can cause the software to lock the system up.

As we know, Intuit has been producing Quicken, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Point of Sale, TurboTax, and other software solutions for a number of years. One thing they have done is to include a Feedback mechanism into the Help section of the program. This allows the user to send notification of software flaws, requests for features, and other suggestions and concerns to the teams that write the program code, and to the ones that make the day to day decisions on what will be included in the next update, or future programs.

As each suggestion or report is entered, it is reviewed, and sent to the correct team to deal with the issue. That has allowed Intuit to be very responsive to correcting issues in the past. Yes, there are some that can be put through quickly, others may require extensive code changes, and may have ramifications on other parts of the program, or other versions.

While the Intuit Community is a good resource, let’s not forget that YOU are the one using the software every single day, so if you want to see something changed, please send the feedback. It is by far the fastest way to let Intuit know what is occuring, and what changes you need to make the program better. Some examples of recent changes made, was an earlier update which fixed an issue with processing credit cards manually. As we know, credit card and debit card processing through the Merchant Service is an important part of any business. Because they were made aware of the issue, the programmers were able to put through an update that fixed it.

Please, send Feedback, let Intuit know when things are wrong, and they can continue to improve the product over time.