What kind of businesses can use Free POS?

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Many times, trying to figure out what program to use can be a rather daunting task. You don’t want to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a software, only to find out it does not do what is needed.

This is particularly true of Point of Sale systems, and Accounting packages. Buying the wrong one can be extremely expensive, hard to implement, requires training your people to use it, then you can find yourself with a software that requires regular payments to keep it operational and up to date. And in some cases, tech support is impossible to get a hold of, or is another huge expense. You can find yourself purchasing several registers, and only using one or two. Or needing to purchase a back office server that requires a technician to setup and maintain. All just to sell something.

Lets take a look at things in a different light. There is a software that will allow you to sell items and collect sales tax. It does not track your items on hand, or customers, but does keep record of the sales, sales tax, and can send all of the sales data to the accounting software. It can integrate credit and debit card sales through the software, and has the flexibility to expand it’s capabilities with ease. But who can use it?

Well, any small retail business that is using a cash register, or manually writing receipts. This is common practice in many small retailers. You have a set of department codes that are rung up and then the price is input, the sales tax is calculated, and the final receipt is printed or written up. If prices are put on the items, they may use a manual pricing gun, or just write on them.  So, lets take a look at these types of businesses that could benefit from the Free POS software.

Feed stores, small jewelry shops, gift stores, pet stores, saddle and tack stores, bicycle shops, lighting shops, shoe stores, clothing stores, natural food stores, hobby stores, veterinarian supply, office supply stores, candle shops, bead stores, knitting stores, scrapbook stores, costume shops, bait and tackle shops, clothing stores, comic book stores, news stands, archery store, farriers supply, martial arts store, hardware store, book store, beauty supply, dance supply, t-shirt shop, electronics stores, toy stores, religious supply store, skateboard shop, sporting goods store, quilting supply, golf pro shop, art gallery, music store….the list goes on and on. Yes,  there are some store types we do not recommend for the software. Pharmacies require strict inventory control. Bakeries and restaurants require tips, and along with flower shops, do a type of inventory control called Manufacturing Inventory. This requires a specialized software to handle, lets say, buying flowers by the ton, and selling arrangements.

Now the Free POS software will not track the inventory. But, lets say we want to try out a POS system before we buy. Or, we are going to buy, but it is not in the budget this month.

With the Free POS software, we can start getting our inventory put into the system. It will track the sales of the items, so we can print out a report that tells us what we have sold, and the sales tax collected. ( Sounds good so far, right?) Then, if we decide we would like to have the rest of the capabilities of the full QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro. We can activate a 60 day free trial of the QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro, and start using all of the features of the program.

We can see our quantities, track our customers, use the rewards program and create coupons, create sales, do special orders, do Layaway, or Work Orders. We can create Purchase Orders, and use those to predict the amount of money we will be spending in the future. We can set reorder points that notify us when items are getting low. We can use a Portable Inventory Scanner to perform our physical inventories, and feed the counts right into the system. We can expand from one register, to 20 registers per store, and even use multi-store to open additional stores, up to 20, all feeding the sales data back to the main store every night. Employees can clock in and out at the register, and the hours can be sent to the QuickBooks accounting to create their payroll. We can even print barcode tags for our items, right from the software.

Or, if we decide we don’t need all of those features, we can roll the trial version back to the Free POS, and continue on without needing to lose the sales you have made.

All in all, this is a very safe way to try out a system, one that allows growth, and gives the expansion capability to grow with your business.


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