Is Free POS really free, or is there a catch?

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We get asked the same question over and over again. Whats the catch? Well, there is not one. Once you install the free pos software, and register the software, it is ready to go. It will continue to work.


As I had indicated before, this is FREE software. It does not limit you to 5 or 6 items. It does not shut off after a few days, like many trial versions. It does not limit your capabilities in new ways. It does not only show a portion of it’s capabilities, then demand you order the paid version like some demo softwares.

This is the real deal. It is free. You have the option of adding hardware, and you can activate a trial of the pro version for 60 days free of charge. You can even add the Merchant account for processing credit and debit cards right through the software.

Unlike the previous product Cash Register Plus, this one will transfer data to QuickBooks, and can readily update to the Pro Version of QuickBooks Point of Sale.

Not bad for Free.

Download your FREE POS