QuickBooks POS Hardware Compatibility List

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People often ask if their existing POS hardware will work with the QuickBooks POS software. We’ve discussed the requirements for the computer system previously so here I’ll cover the other hardware. Keep in mind that this is not an all inclusive list. What that means is that hardware listed here has been tested by Intuit and found to be compatible with the QuickBooks POS program.  Other hardware may work as well, it simply has not been tested. Just because it is not on this list does not mean that it won’t work, only that it MAY not work.

This list pertains to QuickBooks Point of Sale 10 but we know it is valid for version 9 and probably others as well.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Compatible Hardware List

Cash Drawers
MMF VAL-u Line
M-S Cash Drawer CF-Media **
APG T371-BL16195
APG T371-DG1616 (Use with Dell T200 printer)
Cash drawers must be connected to the computer through a compatible Receipt Printer.
** This M-S Cash Drawer works only with compatible Star receipt printers.
Receipt Printers Port

Citizen CT-S310

Citizen CT-S300



Dell T200 USB
*Epson TM88II Parallel
*Epson TM88III Parallel
Epson TM88IV PUSB Powered USB
*Epson TMU200 Parallel
HP Laser Jet 4200 PCL 6 Various
HP Laser Jet 4600 PCL 6 Various
Star TSP600 Parallel Parallel
Star TSP700 Parallel
*Not compatible with Windows Vista.
Tag and Label Printers Port
Zebra LP2824P USB USB
*Zebra LP2824P Parallel Parallel or USB
**Zebra LP2844 Parallel or USB
Cognitive Del Sol DD24 Parallel
Tag and label printing is also supported to sheet labels on any standard Windows laser or inkjet printer.
* Parallel port is preferred. This printer may be supplied with a parallel-to-USB adapter, which works on most computers
**This thermal printer prints larger 4 x 3 and 4 x 6 labels and is ideal for use with Shipping Manager.
Card Readers
Magtek 21040110 USB
ID Innovations MSR USB USB
ID Innovations MSR PS2 PS/2**
Cherry Keyboard MSR G81-7000 PS/2 PS/2**
Cherry Keyboard MSR G81-7000 USB USB
Cherry Keyboard G86-62410EUAGSA USB
Cherry Keyboard G81-7920LUBBUS-2 USB
Logic Controls MR 3010 PS/2**
Dell DEL3331-33UB (ID Tech Mini Mag) USB
** PS/2 (keyboard) devices share the port with the keyboard. A scanner, credit card reader, and keyboard can all share the same PS/2 port.
Card readers not purchased from Intuit or an Intuit-approved partner may require additional configuration in order to work with Point of Sale. Contact the hardware vendor for information.
PIN Pads Port
Ingenico 3070 w/ card reader USB
Ingenico 6580 w/ card reader & signature capture USB
Ingenico 3010 w/o card reader USB
Bar Code Scanners Port
HHP Imageteam 3800LR   USB
HHP Imageteam 3800LR PS/2*
HHP SR IT5600 Cordless Linear Imager PS/2*
HHP 3820 Cordless Linear Imager USB
Metrologic QuantumT MS3580 Omni-directional USB
Metrologic Voyager BT MS9535 Bluetooth** PS/2*
Metrologic Voyager MS9520 PS/2*
Microvision Flic USB
Symbol M2007 Omni-directional*** USB
Symbol Cobra LS1902T PS/2*
Symbol LS1908T USB
Welch Allyn IT3220 PS/2*
* PS/2 (keyboard) devices share the port with the keyboard. A scanner, credit card reader, and keyboard can all share the same PS/2 port
** Requires a Bluetooth adapter be installed.
*** Does not scan jewelry tags.
Pole (Shopper) Displays Port
Logic Controls LD 9900 USB USB
Logic Controls LD9900 PUSB Powered USB
Logic Controls LD 9000 Serial
Logic Controls LD 9000U USB
Logic Controls PD 3000 Serial
Partner Tech CD7220 Serial
Physical Inventory Scanners Port
Metrologic SP 5500 Optimus S USB
CipherLabs 8000* USB
* This scanner is no longer available for purchase from Intuit.
Touchscreen Models Port
Dell E157FPT with Card Reader USB
Elo Touchscreen HID  (F05973) USB
Elo KE  Touchscreen (D63505) USB
Elo  Touchscreen 1529L with Card Reader USB
Elo 1522L  (E082911) USB
Elo 1522L  with Card Reader (E068101) USB
Touchscreen use must be enabled in the Hardware Setup Wizard or in Workstation Preferences
Electronic Scale for Shipping Manager Port
Mettler Toledo PS60 USB USB
Note: This scale integrates with Shipping Manager only; it is not supported in Point of Sale inventory or on transaction documents.