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FeedIf you have a Feed Store, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of everything, and remain profitable. If you decide to look for Point of Sale software to help you, you see that you options appear pretty limited.

You can buy a Feed Store managing program. It can run $10,000.00 dollars and require someone from outside to set it up and maintain it. And those of us who have worked in the industry know that profit margins on the grain are pretty thin. Custom POS software can bring a variety of issues. It can be made to operate fine in one part of the country, but can lack the flexibility to work in others. And as always…the cost!

This is why many feed store owners have refused to move away from their old methods of ringing up customers.

Let’s take a look at the Free POS software that is offered by Intuit. We know that Intuit has been around for a number of years, and that some of their software is extremely well known ( Quicken, QuickBooks, and TurboTax to name a few). Many people did not know that Intuit also has the QuickBooks Point of Sale software. This software is on Version 10.

The Free POS is based on version 10. While it does not have anywhere near the V10 Pro capabilities, do not sell this program short. It will allow you to sell items and print reports of items sold.

Often the biggest issue we have at a feed store is finding out how much an item costs. This can result in a salesperson having to dig through old invoices. Instead, they could simply pull up the item to see what the price is. The cost savings for this capability alone means we should really take a look at the program.

Now, once we have the Free POS software, we have to enter in the items we carry and their barcodes, right?. Maybe Not! Our company has a data file available that has several common items in it, complete with barcodes. The pricing has been purposely left blank. You can also process credit and debit cards through the system using the QuickBooks Merchant Account Service. This service integrates through the software, so no credit card terminal is needed.

If you decide that the full capabilities of the QuickBooks Point of Sale might suit you better, you can activate the 60 day free trial. That’s right…Free!

Don’t like the full version, roll it back to the Free POS version easily, and not lose your sales data!

Believe me when I say that I have worked with many feed stores across the U. S. That I understand the difference between a bale and a squeeze, that hay is not hay, and grass is not grass, and that there are a hundred other variations of things depending on the region you are in. One thing is here for sure. In these times, a Free ( and yes, I do mean one hundred percent- no trial version requiring activation after 30 days, no ( only allows 10 items unless you buy the next version), I mean FREE! Don’t believe me? Call and I will tell you where to download it. Or just click on Free POS on the top of this page! You can have a functional FREE POS software that can aid you in your everyday activities, and not cost one dime!

If you have questions about the version, or about POS systems for a feed store, give us a ring at 800-609-0788.

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