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One store I saw recently..

QBRecently, I was in a small feed store. The processes they were using were labor intensive to say the least. As each customer brought their purchases to the register, the employee would look up the item in a price book, ring up the item in a register, write down the item in a notepad, then as they completed the sale, they rang up the sale, then entered the transaction into the credit card terminal. Every week the owners have to sit down and go through the notepads to see what has sold, then compare that to the items on the shelf, all just to place their orders. Each night when the register is Z-ed out, all the sales in memory are wiped out.

Imagine how much simpler their lives would be with the Free POS.


The customer brings their items to the counter. The barcodes are scanned into the sales screen. Their credit or debit transaction is processed through the integrated Merchant Account Service, and they receive a receipt. Each week, the owners would print a report of what was sold, so they knew what they needed to order. And any items that do not come with a barcode, they could print a tag for them that is scannable.

All this from the Free POS. Later, if they wanted to track inventory, track customers, track store credits, process purchase orders, receive merchandise, print coupons, create a customer rewards program, they could activate the 60 day free trail to try out the full QuickBooks Point of Sale. If they go on vacation, when they come back and want to see what the drawer count was, they can go to the reports and look at Previous Drawer Counts. All these feature and more are available in the Point of Sale Pro.

When we think about a business, we often forget the amount of time we spend doing everyday tasks. That is, until we start using a system that removes all of that wasted time.

If the first portion of this is something you can relate too, perhaps it is time to take the plunge. Call us to find out if the Free POS can make your life easier today.