Handle Gift Cards – QuickBooks FREE POS.

Sell and redeem your own gift cards in QuickBooks FREE POS!

How would you like to be able to sell and redeem your own gift cards? Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale program makes it very easy and affordable to do exactly that.  Gift cards are an becoming more and more popular for gift giving and with the Christmas holidays coming up this would be a smart move. It’s estimated that in 2006 about $80 billion in gift cards were bought in the U.S. alone!  With this service you can process gift cards as easily as you do credit/debit cards.

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• Process transactions right in your QuickBooks Point of Sale software—there is no expensive terminal to buy.
• Sales are automatically tracked in POS software.
• Automate gift card issuing and redemption.
QuickBooks POS Gift Card Service is the only service completely integrated with QuickBooks POS software (all sold separately).
• Process transactions using screens you’re familiar with.
• Eliminate the time-consuming manual processes involved with traditional paper gift certificates.
• Over 220,000 small businesses process with Intuit’s gift card services.
• Competitive pricing plus free live customer support.
• We’re so sure that you’ll like the service, you can cancel anytime with no cancellation fee.

If you have the QuickBooks POS merchant service you save $10/month on the fees. You can order one of the standard gift card styles or custom design your own.  The first 100 transactions each month are FREE. Additional transactions are only $0.20 per transaction. If you have the QuickBooks POS merchant service the $50 setup fee is waived. Contact Us for details.

Manage your own, easy to use gift card program affordably. No application fees, extra hardware or software, or cancellation fees. QuickBooks Point of Sale Gift Card service makes it easy to manage your own professional gift card program – helping you increase sales.

Best of all, this feature IS available in QuickBooks FREE POS software!!

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