Can the Free POS print bar-coded tags for my items?

FreeWhen Intuit announced the release of a FREE POS version, I had anticipated a slightly tweaked version of the older program Cash Register Plus. I have been pleasantly surprised at this newer version.

Unlike previous trial versions of the QuickBooks Point of Sale, this FREE POS has the capability of integrating with the QuickBooks accounting software, it can process credit cards and debit cards through the Point of Sale Merchant Account, and can run all of the same hardware as the full QuickBooks Point of Sale.


Like the Basic Version of Point of Sale, it does not have the Print Designer, which allows you to copy existing documents, like inventory tags, and change the layout and information shown on the tag. But it will print a tag with the item name, the price, and the item number from the FREE POS inventory list.

That means that store owners handling items that do not have bar codes from the manufacturer, can print their own tags that can be scanned at the register for faster sales.

We are continuing to test the FREE POS version, and of course will post what we find, but early indications are that it is highly functional, has a good complement of features for someone starting out in Point of Sale, and can help a business move along until they reach a point of needing the full QuickBooks Point of Sale version. When time comes for the transition to the full version, it is easily done, as opposed to Cash Register Plus, which did not convert.


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