How to activate the Free trial of QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro from the Free QuickBooks POS.

Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks, TurboTax, Quicken, and QuickBooks Point of Sale, have recently released a Free QuickBooks POS software. While it does not track inventory, it does allow you to track sales, attach customer names, and process credit cards and debit cards through the Merchant Account Service. The Free QuickBooks POS uses much of the same hardware as the Point of Sale, so it will use the same receipt printers, Cash Drawer, credit card swipe, and debit pin pad as the full Pro version.

Even if you decide to stay with the Free QuickBooks POS, you are still eligible for the new promotions offered by the Merchant Account Service. Would you like a $ 500.00 rebate? Call us for the details, and we can assist you in getting this going.

If you would like to see if the full Point of Sale Pro version would be better for your business, you can activate the Free 60 day trial. Let’s walk through that activation.

First, go to Help on the main page.



Once you have clicked on Help, there will be a drop down menu.



On the Menu, Select Try Point of Sale Pro FREE.


This will activate the trial period for the Pro Version, allowing you to test the inventory management capabilities.

Unlike previous trial versions, which did not store your inventory or other data, the Free QuickBooks POS will store it, and can easily be upgraded to the full QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro version. If you decide to upgrade, no need to change your Merchant Account , you can just keep right on processing your credit cards and debit cards, so you do not lose your income flow. This is a major step forward in the trial version, and is a great change from previous trial versions. Try the Free QuickBooks POS today, and see if it can help your business grow!