Easily See What’s Selling and What’s Not in QuickBooks FREE POS 10.0

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If you’re running a retail business it’s important to know what’s selling and what isn’t. Forget about going through purchase orders to see what you’ve been ordering.  Simply run a sales report on the Best and Worst selling items in QuickBooks FREE POS 10 program.


By default, this report lists your items sorted by quantity sold.  Quickly see what your top selling items are!

If you’re looking to cut down on your on-hand inventory, a single mouse click changes the sort order on the report so that it’s displaying the items from worst to best selling so that your worst sellers are at the top of the report. free Intuit’s FREE QuickBooks POS 10 program makes it that easy!  To access this report simply go to the Reports drop down menu, highlight Sales and on the sub-menu you will see Best or Worst Sellers.  Click on that report and all that information is right there on your screen.

By clicking on the green triangle at the top of the Quantity Sold column you will reverse the order so your worst selling items are at the top.  Simple.  Easy.

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